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With over 20 years’ experience, we have developed a wide range of services to meet the needs of the modern building industry. Our structures are guaranteed to perform, and you can be safe in the knowledge that all components have been comprehensively tried and tested and that we will provide support from design concept to site completion.

Throughout every project we provide both technical and commercial support, and can advise on all relevant buildings regulations.

This has resulted in long and trusted relationships with clients and partners and has meant that we have a high volume of repeat business from clients who regularly request our specialist Drywall skills and knowledge.

Acoustic & Thermal Insulation Applications

Our Acoustic and thermal insulation applications are suitable for a wide range of domestic, commercial and industrial applications. We work with trusted suppliers to provide solutions to our clients’ acoustic and thermal insulation problems with cost effective solutions that comply with current building regulations.

Within healthcare, privacy and concentration is imperative, in education music and sports sounds need to be kept to a minimum, whilst speech clarity and total silence is required in examinations.

For domestic property, urban and neighbouring noise issues can severely affect the quality of home life. The control of sound can be essential, whether it is sound absorption or sound reduction.

Our approved acoustic and thermal insulation applications, whether glass wool, rigid insulations or laminated coverings have been designed and rigorously tested for their suitability on walls, ceilings, floors and basements. Our acoustic and thermal insulation applications will bring commercial, public and domestic properties up to the acoustic requirement or heat loss resistance and to achieve the required DB rating.

Steel Frame Systems

External wall infill forms a secondary, lightweight structure, fixed onto the primary Steel or Concrete Frame. Typically positioned at the slab edge, SFS provides support for insulation and external finishes creating a weathered envelope at an early stage helping to reduce the overall build timeline.

Full height stud sections are located and screw fixed to the flanges to floor track section, itself fixed to the floor slab with fixings at intervals determined by structural calculations.

The deep track slotted head section is similarly fixed to the underside of the upper floor slab in order to accommodate any deflection within the main frame.

Metal Stud Partitioning

Metal stud partitioning is composed of pre-galvanized mild steel and is an easy-to-fit system whereby frames for compact, lightweight yet strong non-load bearing partitions are assembled.

This system is ideal for both commercial and domestic buildings for the healthcare, residential, student, hotel, retail and commercial sectors. It is available in a wide range of partition thicknesses.

Benefits include:

• Simple and easy to install and erect
• Clean and lightweight
• Does not bow or twist
• Dimensionally accurate
• Available in a range of stud widths
• Acoustic insulation can be easily integrated
• Easy to cut and fit together
• Meets fire and acoustic regulations

Drywall Installation

Drywall installation or drylining is the term given to the application of plasterboard to surfaces such as metal framing, timber and masonry using specific fixing methods. Dry lined finishes can be taped and jointed, or skim finished. We also specialize in metal frame, grid and tiled ceiling systems.

Cameron Drywall takes a partnership approach to all projects and overcoming unforeseen problems. With our specialist knowledge we will provide not only project completion to agreed deadlines, but also clarity, certainty and peace of mind.

Cameron Drywall is Scotland’s leading contractor in the Drywall industry, providing clients with an experienced team that can demonstrate creative problem-solving techniques whilst utilizing the highest-quality building products available.

Our multi-skilled installers are adept at achieving the best solution for our clients, providing drylining, partitioning, rendering, ceiling systems, stud partitioning and machine taping.

Demountable Partitions Systems

The use of demountable partition systems, or lightweight internal partitions, provides flexibility for the client and architect when planning the layout of a building.

We provide several solutions each with the required acoustic and fire ratings, whilst allowing the freedom of design.

Whether it’s for a school, healthcare building, residential dwelling or commercial office, our methods of separating the floor space are fast and effective.

Acoustic & Architectural Ceiling Systems

We provide a wide range of acoustic ceiling systems combining high performance sound absorption and a variety of decorative finishes.

Our acoustic and architectural ceiling systems are available in demountable T grid systems, self-supporting ceilings, which are suitable for narrow spaces such as corridors, non-demountable ceilings available in several acoustic profiles, curved elements and bespoke special purpose ceilings allowing complete design freedom.

These high-performance sound-absorption ceiling solutions are suitable for healthcare and sports buildings, educational rooms such as classrooms, lecture theatres and lobbies, as well as shopping and leisure spaces.

Metal Frame Ceiling Systems

Metal frame ceiling systems allow us combine the structural strength of metal but with the added versatility of plasterboard. Easy to install, metal frame ceiling systems are suitable for both new and refurbished buildings.

Metal frame ceiling systems are highly adaptable and are fire, acoustic and moisture resistant. At Cameron Drywall we are able to provide ceiling systems from the best manufacturers on the market ensuring metal frame ceiling systems of the highest quality.

Grid & Tile Ceiling Systems

We provide low void easy-to-fit ceiling grid systems that are perfect for new buildings and refurbishments. With simple and accurate construction, our warranted systems are fire and acoustic tested, simple, effective and easy to fit.

From simple designs to decorative ceilings, our systems are suitable for all types of domestic and commercial buildings.


The popular concealed grid ceiling systems provide a minimalist, uninterrupted appearance of no visible grid and can be either suspended, bonded or fastened directly onto the ceiling.

Visible grid ceilings can make the ceiling space more user-friendly as it provides easy access to the installations hidden behind the ceiling. A visible grid ceiling can be used as a visual backdrop to emphasis particular architectural details.

Machine Taping

Machine taping can be used in all building types to upgrade the acoustic, fire and thermal performance of the addition of new linings to an existing masonry wall and to help deal with any irregularities.

Cement Render

Cement render is the process of applying mortar to the interior or exterior walls and is frequently undertaken for soundproofing, weatherproofing and insulation.

Cement render can be applied to walls made of brick, stone or cement. It’s a versatile covering, which can be finished in several ways depending on the look that the client wants to achieve.

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